Spiritual Guidance

As a guide and fellow traveler, my only goal is to be a good companion to you on your spiritual journey. Let us walk together.


My Philosophy

Spirituality for me is the coming into contact with spirits and gods. Humans do this in a variety of ways and with a variety of spirits. Because I view this process as primarily one of relating, I do not think there are many rules outside of these basics: be respectful, learn as much as you can, honor your commitments, and seek relationships that bring joy and comfort. In my own practice, I work with spirits of the stars and earth, gods of antiquity, and my ancestors. But I have guided people on journeys very different than mine - Catholic mystics and Druid revivalists, neopagan witches and zen-Buddhist shamans. In my view, we are all working in and with the numinous and sometimes we all need an ear to listen to us, a voice to encourage us, and someone to share a bit of their map. I am here to be that person for you, for as long as it is helpful.




Why is ritual powerful? What


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