Working with the Planets

Once you learn about your own planetary placements, you may want to go a step further: how do you work with the planetary energies in a conscious way?


The Philosophy of Astrology

Astrology invites you to embrace the connectedness of life. Theoretical physicists, theologians, and philosophers have all proposed various mechanisms by which the planets and stars might have an effect on our lives here on Earth, but the practice of astrology does not require this to be answered.  It simply notes that certain events in one's life can be timed by the movement of the planets, and this knowledge is of great use to us all. But what if the planets are at least partially causing the events their movements predict?


Planetary Devotion

The primary way in which people use astrology has always been to treat it like the weather: accept it for what it is and plan accordingly. However, there is a more proactive approach that has coexisted from the earliest times: planetary devotion.


This approach to the planets and stars flourished in the centers of classical thought from Egypt to India and spread east through the rising Muslim empires, traveled along the Silk Road all the way to distant Japan. Today, thanks to the tireless work of astrologers translating ancient texts, we can integrate this practice into our own lives.

Bringing Ritual to Mind

Why is ritual powerful? What


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