"Insofar as the higher bodies signify the things existing in this world through the powers of their natural motions, then what is the advantage of being ignorant of this knowledge?"

-Abu Ma'shar, Baghdad, 787-886 CE






Below, you will find the various types of readings offered. Please read each section carefully and decide which would best serve your needs. All readings are available over telephone or Skype and include images of the chart or cards, a write-up of salient points, and an audio recording upon request. Sliding scale fees and payment plans are also available.


Natal Chart Reading

1 hour  /   $150

This reading includes an in-depth look at your birth chart – what each planet, sign, and house represents and how they work together to shape your own personality and life on Earth. We look at the Sun – your ego, the Moon – your unconscious, the Ascendant – your way of navigating the world, and much more. This is the perfect start for getting to know oneself and learning about astrology and how it can help you. 

Go Deeper: Timing: Major transits and progressions – changes in the chart through time – are also covered to help you understand how your current experience is reflected in the sky. Transits are those external life events that impact you, (approaching 30? let’s talk about that Saturn return). Progressions are the slow, infinitesimal changes to your inner mindscape, (what does it feel like when your progressed Sun changes signs?) and how this flavors your natal chart.  +$50


Go Further: Relocation: We take your natal chart and move it through space, rather than time. How does your life and personality change based on where you live? What are the pros and cons of moving to that exciting new locale? Why do you feel so different having moved here from there? We look at the ways place interacts with the natal chart based on new angles and changes in emphasis on your innate predispositions. +$50


Synastry Reading

1.5 hour  / $250

This is a relationship reading – you and your mother, brother, friend, or lover – all have a specific relationship that can be observed and analyzed through a careful look at how your two charts interact. This is ideal for looking at dynamics in already established relationships. We look at patterns – plus potential pitfalls, boons, and moments of huh?? Best to come with certain questions or problems from the relationship in mind.


Tarot Reading

30 mins / $30

The tarot has long been used for insight into the past, present, and future. Combined with astrological symbolism, the tarot can be an excellent tool to narrow in on the energies surrounding an issue. Whereas astrology excels at taking the long view - cycles lasting for a year or more - tarot can easily take us down to the daily level. Used together, they provide a comprehensive view of any topic.

In my tarot readings, we focus on a single question and - using a specially designed spread - will explore the issue based on the cards and their astrological significance. The goal of each reading is to facilitate greater understanding and a sense of one's own agency in whatever the situation may be.

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