On Theurgy

I grow accustomed to asking the gods for help. For are the gods not woven into the very fabric of ourselves? In fact, when seeking a god's intervention, it is not calling out to some distant power to send you aide. No, it is turning the mind and spirit towards what is already there.

Photo by Aaron Burden (@aaronburden)

It is speaking to the Saturn that holds everything together - within and without my body. It is embracing the Jupiterian truth that for a poison there is a cure. Recognizing that there are powers other than us. The humility due to the gods is that due to nature, to existence.

For in all things the gods are present and working; they tend to every law of physics, to every social movement. And we are not separate. No, indeed, we are wrapped up in the net of life that is formed of the gods themselves.

And to understand that we can come into relation - can communicate - with the very forces of existence? And that they take an interest in us because all of the world is their interest - that is a very dear thing. To realize that we are both unremarkable and highly cherished.

So, there is no great distance between personal growth and inviting the gods into our lives. They are intertwined, and to think that you may have one without the other is illusion. The gods will never leave you, for even in death you are in the realms of the gods.

Take heart.

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