On the Context for a Planet's Significations

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Discerning Planets from Correspondences

When it is said that the Moon represents emotion or is cold and moist, this is not about the actual satellite of Earth. (Though sometimes meaning is derived from astronomical qualities.) Rather, that within the context of reading the chart, this is the meaning made of the Moon.

Likewise, the meanings of a planet across the modes of astrology – natal, mundane, medical, etc. – do not necessarily align perfectly. There will be themes, but you would not say that the Moon in a decumbiture chart indicates the common people because that is not the context.

These meanings are often derived as much from the relationships between the planets as from any innate characteristic of the planets themselves.

Similarly, when discussing astrological magic and/or mythic associations, the associations are not one-to-one. There is affinity, there is identification, but in some key ways the gods and the planets seem to be distinct.

There are multiple theories: They may be different faces of one unified being. Or may be multiple beings that share characteristics. Then again they may be spirits that have – to varying degrees – actually merged. Or maybe they are archetypes that are expressed in various guises.

Whatever the case may be as to their true nature - in my experience - there is a qualitative difference between the Spirit of the Moon and deities that are associated with the Moon. Same for all of the planets and stars.

You may be able to call upon the Moon as Artemis and tap into the powerful connection they possess in quality and effect. However, you could also call on the Moon as Thoth and thereby access a different facet of the Moon.

For instance, the Moon is said to rule childbirth and swift runners – both of which are key Artemis significations. However, the Moon is also said to bring discussion of profound matters and to bear messages, either of which could easily fit into Thoth’s mythos.

So, the Moon is not condensable to either one – nor to any of the other many deities associated with it. Similarly, the deities are not defined simply by their planetary associations. There is a joyous fluidity of identity, meaning, that brings depth and nuance.

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