Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Does Predetermination Mean that Life is Meaningless?

Determinism does not have to mean lack of agency, but instead that your actions are specifically meaningful. Your choices are laid out before you, but you must make each one. The fact that each is fated means that the world, the spirits, require you to be exactly who you are.

What if determinism does not require the universe to be indifferent but instead to be interested? Just because you have a set role to play in your lifetime does not mean that your choices are meaningless. Instead, each of your actions has certain repercussions that are needed.

A magician or witch is ordained to do their spells, forge relationships with certain deities or spirits, and cause magical change in the world. This does not mean their magic is useless, but that it is their destiny to lead a strange life that follows arcane rules.

In this worldview, it is little different from those destined to be great world leaders or aerospace engineers or dutiful parents. All of these roles are pre-ordained and necessary for the unfolding of the world. Magic, then, does not break the bonds of fate: it fulfills it.

The universe would not be the way it is without the magic being performed. The strange bendings of reality caused by spell and spirit are as necessary to a functioning universe as thermodynamics or gravity. We are an essential part of an ecosystem embedded in both time and space.

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