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The many wisdom traditions have given us two seemingly contradictory truths: (1) you cannot change fate, and (2) fate is forged through your actions. This debate continues into the modern day as nature versus nurture. Yet, the two sides do not need to be mutually exclusive. Think of your life as a seed: even if you have the same kind of seed as another, where you plant it and how you care for it will change how that seed develops. And so it is with us. Nature provides certain circumstances -  innate gifts or weaknesses, the country and family into which we are born, events outside of our control, etc. - and it is up to us to decide how to care for ourselves, which leads us  down a particular path.  From this perspective, astrology is an ancient method for understanding what seed nature has given you and how best you might nurture it.


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"I've been thinking about how to incorporate more astrology into my work and life over the last few years, so I've had a bunch of recent consultations with different astrologers to experience their different approaches. My consultation with Jonathan was the best one I experienced. I appreciated how he gave me space to talk and share my lived experience of some of the patterns he picked up in my chart, and he struck a great balance between what stuck out as important to him and the areas of life he knew I wanted guidance in. He was able to identify some pretty key dates and periods of my life so far, which gives me a lot of confidence in his suggestions for my near future. I don't feel like I need to try out any more astrologers. I plan to stick with Jonathan. I highly recommend him."   


- Michael, Toronto 


Jonathan is an astrologer with ten years of experience and a master's in psychology from the University of Edinburgh. Drawing on classic, medieval, and modern theory and technique, Jonathan practices a tradition-informed, person-driven approach to astrology. He accepts astrological reading requests by appointment for natal (birth), synastry (relationship), and  astrocartography (relocation) chart readings. Jonathan also provides tarot readings informed by the astrological symbolism embedded in each card.


Jonathan focuses on how to understand agency within a world that is - at least in part - predetermined. In astrology he asks: how can the planets help us better understand our own selves – our thoughts, emotions, drives, and surroundings? Life is a complex ecosystem of circumstance and choice, but greater awareness of our own minds, hearts, and bodies allows for a healthier and more gratifying experience along the way.

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